Since its inception in 2000, the Israel Vocal Art Institute (IVAI) has grown from a small core of passionate vocal-music lovers determined to create a vocal-arts tradition in Israel, to an international enterprise of the highest caliber.  Serving as a conduit for cultural enrichment on numerous fronts, its main purpose is to promote young Israeli singers through the granting of scholarships which enable them to become professional opera singers on world stages and, at the same time, create and enhance culture in Israel through its annual International Summer Opera Program in Tel Aviv, known familiarly as the Sadna (workshop). 

Every year, IVAI grants scholarships to Israeli singers for continuation of studies in Israel and abroad, providing the necessary funds to help cover travel expenses and costs for auditions, private vocal study, language courses and vocal coaching including working abroad with the same teachers who visit Israel annually as faculty members of the Summer Program.  One of the key elements of IVAI’s success is this on-going encouragement and support of young artists. 

It has been proven time and again that the invaluable experience gained by the young singers at IVAI offers the ideal preparation for entering the challenging world of opera, providing them with the tools needed for auditions, competitions and performances. Graduates of IVAI's Summer Opera Program have gone on to represent Israel and the program with great honor, receiving engagements from all the major musical organizations in Israel and on stages worldwide. IVAI’s first-crop laureates loyally return to the Summer Opera Program  to guest-perform and teach. 

IVAI is a registered NGO with a nine-member Board of Directors actively involved in every facet of the endeavor - financially, artistically and administratively. As leading members of the community working on a volunteer basis and with integrity to spare, the Board’s management of the workshop and scholarship program is professional, exemplary and unequalled in its selfless commitment.  

Since the initiation of the Summer Opera Program, full funding was provided by the Tel Aviv Municipality. However, the immense demands on the Tel Aviv Municipality’s budget which is suffering the cutbacks so pervasive in the Israeli economy forced them to reduce their annual support in 2003.  In order to maintain its high standards and success, IVAI must now raise additional donations each year in addition to funds for scholarships. 

IVAI calls on music lovers, those who care about Israel, and all those who are committed to promote a cultured society in this country to help us continue the IVAI tradition.
 Every contribution is invaluable. 

Contributions to IVAI are tax-deductible under Israeli and American tax laws. 
Donations can be made payable to IVAI via our Israeli account or via the PEF in the USA .
IVAI’s bank account details:
Account name: IVAI   Account number: 375376
Bank Hapoalim Branch number: 680   Kfar Shmaryahu

For further information on how to contribute, please contact us at ivai@ivai.org.il